Birth Doula

Prenatal Support

The first moments of mother and newborn

From the moment we are hired we are on call 24/7 to answer all of your questions and address concerns you may have. We help you plan and prepare for your birth during a personalized prenatal visit and are always available for email and phone support. During labor & delivery we provide continuous support for the birthing person and their partner. A follow-up postpartum visit is included to answer any questions, offer support, and assist with any postpartum adjustments. If you choose we can continue support from here through the postpartum period.

Support begins the moment we are hired! We are always available to help answer questions, address concerns, and provide resources for you via email and phone support. We will have a personalized prenatal visit where we will ensure you and your partner are comfortable and prepared for your upcoming birth with a birth plan created just for you.

During Labor

During the last stage of pregnancy we will be on call 24/7. When labor begins and you are ready for support we will be there with you and your partner. We will be prepared, calm, and aware of your needs and wishes. We will provide you with continuous physical and emotional support during the labor process and until you are settled in with your new baby. Helping you have a positive birth experience is our number one goal.

Postnatal Care

The support you receive continues even after you are back home with baby. Any questions that may arise concerning your newborn, yourself, or your family can be answered during our postpartum visit. At this time you'll be given the opportunity to continue receiving postpartum support, day or night.